Original Plays

I am a Merritt-award winning , ECMA-nominated playwright/adaptor with a proven track record of creating strong, entertaining, celebrated work. I am also a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada and Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre.

I take commissions! I am a prolific, reliable, and friendly collaborator who thrives under pressure. If there's a world you've always wanted to see onstage, please reach out!

"Irreverent, funny and far cleverer than it has any right to be."

“Bray writes with a manic pace, delicious word-jam and comic brilliance.”  

“The world created by Bray is an impressive one...”

“playful, joyous, smart..."
"very compelling [...] unexpected twists,
and lots of silliness entirely for silliness’ sake.”

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Below is a catalogue of my original work.

The names of the characters in these plays are not intended to limit casting to gender, nor any particular ethnic or cultural group. Casting should reflect the diversity of the community and culture in which the play is being produced. Physical attributes ascribed to the characters in the texts may be changed to reflect casting.

None of these plays may be produced unless at least 50% of the cast is played by non-male performers. Under no circumstances should these plays be performed by an all-white cast.

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Still Far Still Wide

Drama. 7 Performers.

The Sensational Escapades & Delicious Crusades of Minnie de Menthe

Musical Comedy. 7 Performers.


Drama. 3 Performers.

Clowns in the Ground

Horror Comedy. 8 Performers.

Bluebeard, or, How to Lose Your Life in 10 Days

Horror Comedy. 4 Performers.

Swiss Gothic

Horror Comedy. 6 Performers.

Previously Produced

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The Knight of the Bat

Comedy. 10 Performers.

Knight of the Bat 2: the Act of Assemblers

Comedy. 8 Performers.

International Waters

Comedy. 4/5 Performers.

Dan Bray's "A Christmas Carol: The Revenge of Tiny Tim"

Comedy. 6 Performers.

Shakespeare's Time Machine

Comedy. 8 Performers.

Hansel und Gretel in: der Garten von Edible Horrors: a Terrible Parable

Horror Comedy. 4 Performers.


Horror Comedy. 8 Performers.

The Return to Baker Street

Comedy. 3 Performers.

Observatory Mansions

Drama. 8 Performers.

Dinostories: 3 Prehistoric Fairy Tales

Children's Comedy. 2 Performers.

Herbie Dragons

Comedy. 5 Performers.

Børghild: Strongest Person in Denmark

Comedy. 4 Performers

M: The Berlin Murders

Drama. 8/9 Performers.


Musical Comedy. 7 Performers.

Wake Up, Rosie!

Children's Comedy. 5 Performers.